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SharePoint Calculated Column Error
Can't get your Calculated Column to use the Today or Me functions?
Calculated columns cannot contain volatile functions like Today and Me.
By default SharePoint doesn't allow you to use the Today and Me functions within calculated columns.
Trick SharePoint by doing the following:
1) Create a new column in your list titled "Today" if you're working with dates or "Me" if you're working with people and groups. A Single line of text will do for the field type. 
2) Go to your Calculated Column and enter the formula that contains the Today or Me functions and hit OK to save the formula and column settings.
3) Delete the Today or Me column that you originally created in Step #1 above.
Now you have a working Calculated Column with the Today or Me function.
SharePoint 2007 Unexpected end of file has occured
Have you ever received the "Unexpected end of file has occured" when working with SharePoint Alternate Access Mappings or re-attaching a SharePoint content database? Well I have and it drove me crazy trying to figure out the issue and resolution. This all happened to me when I was re-attaching a SharePoint content database in our DR environment. Here are the details you need on this issue.
Unexpected end of file has occurred. The following elements are not closed: IncomingUrl, AlternateDoman, AlternateDomains. Line 28, position 38.
The error is generated when you have more than 5 Alternate Access Mappings for a given web application.
SharePoint OOB Workflow - Failed on Start
A lot of my users have been having issues creating workflows and I think it's an old ghost in the machine from an old upgrade and migration but it seems common enough in the community to mention the problem and the solution.
The Problem:
You create an OOB workflow in SharePoint and each time you start the workflow it gives you a failded on start error. Bad SharePoint.
The Solution:
Apparently SharePoint can run into issues provisioning the workflow features correctly when creating a new site, which I find more common with custom site templates. The solution is to deactivate all workflow features, then re-activate all workflow features, and re-create your OOB workflow. Sometimes I find that activating the Publishing Infrastructure features can help as well.
Windows Server 2003 IIS Blank
So awhile back one of my WFE's running Windows Server 2003 SP2 started having some issues with IIS 6.0. The w3wp.exe worker process would go missing and my WFE would drop out of the load balancing rotation. Each time I logged into the server IIS would misteriously be blank. As a temporary fix I would bump IIS and all would be good for a few days before happening again. About the 3rd time this happened I figured there is definitely something wrong with this picture. With the help of Google I found a Windows Server 2003 hotfix to address this exact issue. Apparently when two or more threads try to access IIS at the same time it's not a good thing. Check out the hotfix url below.
SharePoint Field Level Security
So I've had multiple clients requesting field level security in SharePoint and I've finally developed the solution. I created a custom SharePoint field type that has a user/group property associated with it so that when you create a site column off of this field type you can set who has the ability to edit this column within your site. Pretty cool stuff. Click here to see the code.
SharePoint Service Pack Kills User Lookup
Did a recent service pack deployment to your SharePoint environment blow up your user lookups in your Designer workflows? To resolve this issue download the SPDActivities from codeplex and use the "Lookup User Info" action to get the ID of the user within the SPUser field and then use that ID going forward for setting the values of other SPUser fields.
SharePoint Master Page Stock Quote
Want to add a stock quote web part to your SharePoint master page. Click here to learn how to do it for free.
Index PDF files in SharePoint
If you want to index PDF files in SharePoint I recommend using the Foxit PDF IFilter. Microsoft has chosen this product as its best solution to search within PDF files. Foxit also provides some great documentation for the installation on the SharePoint index server and configuration for the remaining SharePoint servers.
Foxit PDF IFilter 1.0 Installation Instructions for MOSS or WSS 3.0:
Configure Business Objects to Upload Reports to SharePoint

Visit the following page to see how to configure Business Objects to upload Reports to SharePoint.

SharePoint Farm & Topology Design
Here's a good article for planning SharePoint farm's and topologies
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